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Community Groups

What is ‘church life’ all about? Certainly it involves gathering together on a Sunday as families, friends, and welcomed guests to sing praise to God, and to hear His Word preached. How useful and thrilling these large meeting are! How God must be blessed by them.
But that is only a small part of ‘church life’. Being a Christian also involves growing together as God’s family through caring, sharing, digging deeper into the Bible, and reaching out into our neighbourhoods and world. Such vital expressions of Christian life really cannot be fully displayed in a large Sunday gathering.

Grace Community Church is committed to ‘Community Groups’ – small local mid-week meetings where we gather to better live out our Christian faith. In these groups we cannot be anonymous. In these groups we grow as Christians and friends. We genuinely care for one another. We look outward to our communities. ¬†Through these groups, Grace Community Church hopes to establish an authentic Christian witness in the towns and villages of our surrounding area. Groups in the Torpoint and Bodmin areas have taken their job so seriously, that they have become church plants!

To be involved in Grace Community Church, to understand its life and vision, you dare not miss out on being at the centre of your local Community Group!

Community groups meet in homes during the week at the following locations. Contact the Office for more details.

  • Liskeard South
  • Liskeard Central
  • Liskeard West
  • Looe/Morval
  • Menheniot
  • Callington
  • St. Germans

There is also a Ladies  Group meeting alternate Thursdays at 1.30pm.