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“GRACE BOOKS” is run by Rachel Kuru.  We aim to offer books for all ages. Please take time to look at our stock on display in the Church.  Books may be taken on the day or ordered for collection at a later date. Rachel is usually near the book area and will be glad to meet you and to give assistance if needed.

Next to Grace Books are a large selection of DVDs and Videos for all ages. They are available to take out for one week at a small charge of £1.00 per item per week. This small charge enables us to replenish stock with the latest titles.

Also, you may download here a copy of John Gillespie’s PhD Thesis on the Doctrine of Imputation.

Also available, our very own books,
available through Amazon or at your local bookshop:

Not The Perfect Church

... is a £4.99 paperback (£5.99 by post - see on Amazon) that tells the amazing story how Grace Community church was established....
The Church sits high on a hill overlooking the Cornish countryside. Today it is a flourishing evangelical church with two partner churches in nearby towns. But its beginnings came as a result of much pain and struggles for pastor John Gillespie and his family and congregation. The church's growth has been part due to problems as well as delights.
This is the story of Grace Church told by John and two others who have been with the church since the day it began.
It's not always comfortable reading but it does tell what God can do in the face of what seem to be insurmountable problems and how He can use our imperfections to bring about His perfect will.

Beware Of Living Too Long and other letters to my church family

.... is Pastor John Gillespie's first book. Every week from his study at a flourishing evangelical church near the Cornish coast pastor John Gillespie writes a letter to his church family to encourage, uplift, teach and sometimes warn. This book contains a year of those letters. They will stimulate, surprise and whether you agree with them or not certainly make you think!
Copies are available from the publishers on 01579 343663 or on Amazon - or via your local bookshop. Just £4.99 plus £1 P&P